Merchant Banking

TerraNova Capital Partners and principles will take equity positions in exciting early stage, high growth companies via investment, warrants, sweat equity and as your true partner, do more then just raise capital.  Typically these financing’s start out small in the $1 to $4 million range. As stakeholders alongside you, we bring in strategic partners for investment and business development opportunities.  We will Consult with you regarding global opportunities including: cross boarder partnerships, Joint Ventures, financial markets, technology/licensing partnerships,  recruit board positions, take board positions and work to help in other critical areas of the business.

Current Clients

TM Technology, Inc.

A revolutionary new form of modulation that will more then double the capacity of an spectrum for various uses including; backhaul cellular radio, cell phone, wifi, satelite, military radio, radar to name a few.

TM & TerraNova Success

TM Technology solves the lack of spectrum problem troubling the world. The TerraNova mandate included completing a $2 million bridge in January of 2016 an $8 million equity round in June 2016 and a strong strategic relationship with management and the board. TerraNova made an introduction to Hand Technology that helped digitize the technology and build the IP Core along with the radio needed to demonstrate the technology. TerraNova continues to support TM thru consulting and investment banking functions.

ISeeYouCare, Inc.

A Healthcare IT company that has developed disruptive smart card technology that solves the interoperability problem, allowing medical information to travel with the patient.

Disrupting Healthcare

ISeeYouCare is a Healthcare IT company that has developed technology that is solving the interoperability problem by allowing medical records to flow across all EMR “electronic medical records”, at Providers “hospitals”, and Payers “VA, CMS, HHS, Insurance companies”, with a smart card technology. The solution is estimated to eliminate $68 billion of medical fraud and $700 billion of redundant testing. TerraNova is completing an equity raise and introducing numerous strategic partners.