We provide direct, high touch advice for our clients with the highest level of integrity. 


Our bankers and advisors have hands-on operating experience along with decades of investment banking and advisory experience.


Our interests are aligned with the companies we work with as well as our clients.


We operate globally through our membership in the Global Alliance Partnership (GAP).


Shareholders and Advisory Board members have achieved significant success in financial services, helping to further strengthen the organization.

Since 2003, TerraNova Capital Partners has participated in over 50 M&A, start-up and/or roll-up transactions, and TerraNova Capital Equities has led or co-led over $550mm in capital raises.


TerraNova is a partner in the Global Alliance Partners (GAP) network, an organization of internationally-minded financial partners (investment banks, merchant banks, local market funds, and diversified financial services organizations) focusing on middle-to-larger-market investment, M&A, and corporate advisory opportunities. TerraNova is the only U.S. partner of this invitation-only network. GAP provides clients with local service and expertise, coupled with widespread reach and access that span strategic markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and North America. GAP partners hold a formal conference every six months at a different location around the world. Membership in Global Alliance Partners facilitates TerraNova's access to a wealth of international resources that expands its in-house capabilities and allows TerraNova to be more competitive with greater international reach.


GAP is an exclusive, invitation-only membership of thirteen like-minded firms, including TerraNova. It is an international network of regulated financial services companies that focus on the capital mid-market.


GAP members benefit from broad services and expertise of the group, coupled with its international reach in private equity, corporate fund raising, brokerage, and fund management.


GAP has offices in 26 countries worldwide, bridging the gap between investment opportunities in leading, emerging and frontier markets, and key sources of investment capital worldwide.