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TerraNova Capital Sector Focus

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TerraNova Capital Equities focuses on investment banking (debt and equity) and secondary trading.

TerraNova Capital Partners focuses on M&A advice and finance and merchant banking.

Our Sector FOCUS

We actively target growing, EBITDA-positive middle-market companies (Transaction size $5 to $100 million or larger ) in the following sectors:

Sector Focus


5G, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Robotics,  Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Telecommuting Technology, Cyber Security, E-commerce, Remote Learning, Marketing Automation, SaaS Software Technology


Biotechnology, Biopharma, Telemedicine, Bioinfomatics, Healthcare IT, Medical Devices, Physician Services, Long-Term Care Services, Telehealth and Therapy, Urgent & Primary Care Services

Sector Focus
Sector Focus

Consumer Brands & Media

Specialty Products, Beverages, Organics, Publishing, Internet Media, Streaming Services, Online Advertising, Digital Media, eSports

Business & Financial Services

Real Estate Finance, Transportation, Fulfillment and Logistics, Distribution,  Business Process Outsourcing, Marketing Services, Financial Services,  Information Processing

Sector Focus
Sector Focus

Clean Energy

Solar, Electric Vehicles (EV),  Battery Technologies, Geothermal, Renewable Energy, Wind Power, Hydropower


Restorative Fitness, Wellness Technology (Mental Fitness, Self-care, Sleep), Medical Supplements


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